Chrome Rolie Polie Ollie is brought to you by Season 3 of The A-Team, Dr. Pepper Ten, and still the Sexiest Bridge of NSSBC 2011.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tora Tora Tora!

Scenes from Mid-Pac are on youtube. Hurry up videographers, there are four regionals that have already gone down. Let's see the happenings.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Same bridge, different day, eh Rabbit?

Is it 2012 already? I feel that small tingle in my gut that reminds me either of love at first sight or a TIG welder trying to ground itself through my belt buckle... It must be steel bridge season again.

While some other ollie's have been keeping up with the latest news and conference happenings and such, I have literally been asleep since they published the 2012 rule book. Has anyone read the official clarifications lately? Sweet rusty sheet metal there seem to be a lot of ambiguities this year. Measuring letters on planar projection? Really? I guess an inch is different when you're on the grid.

It's time to get back in the game, but I won't be at any conference events this year so my reports of scores and regional rankings we be what I can find on the bloggernetterwebernets.

How many days until clemson? (Nationals, not that event in two weeks where team steel tiger probably won't compete...)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Which is better, Christmas or Steel Bridge Season?

It's bridge season, so get out there, post some stupid questions to the NSSBC rules page, and catch that beautiful butterfly

Thursday, August 18, 2011


While the NSSBC slept and ChromeOllie went on a nonsense-posting spree, we slept too. In our snuggies.


On a different note, props to the men of steel from team Citadel on the front page of the competition guide. I tip my hat to you and your tuxedos.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lakehead Wins NSSBC 2011, eh?

Congratulations to Lakehead for the stunning victory today in College Station! And a huge congratulations to Team Georgia Tech who won 1st in Display, 3rd in Lightness, and 4th Overall! We're proud of you fellas.

Here are the FULL RESULTS

1st - Lakehead
2nd - Michigan Tech
3rd - SUNY Canton
4th - Georgia Tech

If you attended Nationals in CSTX today and took video of bridge constructions, throw them on youtube and leave us a note or a link in the comments so those who couldn't make it can see the good stuff.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Map of Competitors

Now that we're here, I've moved the map of the all the competitors that I think are coming to CSTX to this link so that you can all still see it, but it doesn't take up all that room at the top of the page.


Having a blast in Texas, wish you were here.


leaving for CSTX. lol.

This is twitter, right?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Come back to Texas, It ain't been the same since you went away

If you know what goes behind the question marks, send a comment and I'll fill them in. Some of these schools below are based on results that have turned up online and some are based on rumor. Some are also based on the work the Ernest Hemingway.

Georgia Institute of Technology, from Atlanta, GA
                The Citadel, from Charleston, SC
Deep South
                Louisiana Tech University, from Ruston, LA
                Arkansas State University, from Jonesboro, AK
Great Lakes
                University of Wisconsin, from Madison, WI
                Purdue University, from West Lafayette, IN
                University of Illinois at Chicago, from Chicago, IL
                New Jersey Institute of Technology, from Newark, NJ
                Cooper Union, from New York, NY
                Lafayette College, from Easton, PA
                Drexel University, from Philadelphia, PA
                Penn State, from State College, PA
                Kansas State University, from Manhattan, KS
                Cal Berkeley, from Berkeley, CA
                San Jose State University, from San Jose, CA
                Lakehead University, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
                University of Minnesota Twin Cities, from Minneapolis, MN
                Iowa State University, from Ames, IA
New England
                University of New Hampshire, from Durham, NH
                M.I.T., from Cambridge, MA
North Central
                Michigan Technological University, from Houghton, MI
                University of Michigan, from Ann Arbor, MI
Ohio Valley
                University of Akron, from Akron, OH
                Youngstown State University, from Youngstown, OH
                Geneva College, from Beaver Falls, PA
Pacific Northwest
                University of Alaska Fairbanks, from Fairbanks, AK
                University of British Columbia, from Kelowna, B.C., Canada
                Washington State University, from Pullman, WA 
Pacific Southwest
                Cal Poly, from San Luis Obispo, CA
                University of Hawaii at Manoa, from Honolulu, HI
                California State University Long Beach, from Long Beach, CA
Rocky Mountain
                South Dakota School of Mines, from Rapid City, SD
                Utah State University, from Logan, UT
                Southern Polytechnic State University, from Marietta, GA
                University of Tennessee, from Knoxville, TN
                University of South Florida, from Tampa, FL
                University of Texas at El Paso, from El Paso, TX
                University of Texas, from Austin, TX
                La Salle Cuernavaca, from Cuernavaca, Morelos, México
Upstate New York
                SUNY Canton, from Canton, NY
                Catholic University of America, from Washington D.C.